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How to Talk to Your Gym Crush, Taylor Swift's New Album, & Interview with Frank Cianciotta

A blog has never been needed more than it is now. And if you listened to this week's episode, you'll understand why. Unfortunately my weekend decisions have caused me to lose my voice (I'm from New Jersey, we yell pretty much everything, okay?!) but hey, I think it kind of sounds cool that way anyway! Here's what we recapped on this week's episode:

Midnights by Taylor Swift

It would be an injustice, and completely out of character, if I didn't bring up Midnights on this week's episode. I've been a die-hard Taylor Swift fan since the Taylor Swift days but we don't really need to get into all that...

Midnights is Taylor's 10th studio album, TENTH!! Referring to the original album version, I would say that this album really embodied a blend of Reputation, Evermore, 1989, and a hint of Lover. Which honestly, is impressive. I feel like each of her albums in the past have had their own vibe and aura to them but this one is a blend of her darkest moments in each phase of her life as she puts it, so this blend of sounds just makes SENSE.

In this week's episode I dove into my thoughts on Would've, Could've, Should've - Taylor's bonus track song on the 3AM edition which is believed to be about John Mayor (I am a believer in this theory). The lyric "I damn sure never would've danced with the devil at 19" in this song aligns with her lyric in Dear John, "Don't you think 19 is too young to be messed with". I think the proof is in the damn pudding right there. Listen to this week's episode for all my Midnights thoughts!

Do's and Don'ts of Talking to Your Gym Crush

Here's a recap of what we talked about in this segment of the podcast. The big key here: THINK ABOUT WHAT COULD POSSIBLY MAKE SOMEONE UNCOMFORTABLE!


  • Don't wait for someone in a parking lot or for them to exit a locker room, etc. It makes a person feel trapped!

  • Don't climb up on a treadmill next to your gym crush and choose to shoot your shot there. Again, TRAPPED!

  • Don't say things that make it seem like you're objectifying or have been analyzing their body. For example, "It obviously looks like you work out" or "your body is amazing", are weird things to say to someone you're just meeting

  • Don't look to have a lengthy get-to-know-you conversation. The gym is not the place for that!


  • Try and make eye contact or signal you're walking over to them before you do, this way they're not caught off guard

  • Preface the conversation by acknowledging that you don't want to come across creepy or take up too much of their time. Then make it short and sweet

  • Read body language! You can tell a lot about how a person is feeling through their body language. If they don't even take your headphones off to talk to you, walk away man.

  • If you're going to ask for their contact info, give them options so they can give you what they're comfortable with Ex: "can I get your phone number, or Instagram, or Snapchat, or something?"

Leave your comments and questions below! I want to hear from y'all... especially about Midnights!



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