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How the Heck Do I Balance Health and Work, & Ritvik Biswas Interview

This week's topic was a long time coming! Trying to prioritize your health is a challenge when you have a million other things going on... not to mention that America basically throws cheap food and "fast fixes" in our faces all the time. This week, I dove into 5 tips that help me prioritize and manage my health while working a full time job. Here's a recap of the tips:

  1. Pack your meals and snacks for work!! A much healthier and wallet-friendly option

  2. Get a big @$$ water bottle. This step seems simple, but it really will help you drink more

  3. Meal prep!!!!!! Saves time and enforces healthy eating

  4. Make a schedule for yourself. Plan out your days and build an exercise routine that stays the same from week to week

  5. If you have a sedentary job, end your workouts with a walk (or a walking workout, there are plenty on youtube)

Listen to this week's episode for a deeper dive into each of these tips. Oh, and don't forget to review and subscribe!!



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