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"TikTok Made Me Buy It" Honest Opinions

Okay, so TikTok made you buy it, but is it actually worth it? Our socials are oversaturated with micro-influencers promoting some sort of product (guilty), but just because you see someone promoting it, doesn't always ben its worth a buck. Listen to this week's episode for a full breakdown of my opinions ... but here's a quick summary of the products I went over this week:

  • Waist Trainers - BIG FAT RED NO! Can cause damage to your organs!

  • Sweat Belts - good for getting sweat out but not worth your money. You can just wear a sweatshirt if you wanna sweat more, ya know?

  • Greens - Ding, ding! Great way to get extra fruits and veggies in, especially if you're lacking them in your regular diet

  • Shot Blender (for pre workout) - bigggg waste of money. First of all, pre workout is designed to be mixed with typically 8-10 ounces of water. Second, just use a blender bottle. Come on now.

  • Lifting Straps - ESSENTIAL!!

  • Grip Strengtheners - great for doing just that but not a necessary purchase. We can train our forearms in the gym but if you fidget a lot or if you feel like spending a few bucks, they're not useless items.

This week's interview was with Kelsie Collins and she had a lot of inspiring, insightful information to give! Give the pod a listen wherever you get your podcasts and don't forget to subscribe and review!



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