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Don't Fall for These Fitness Myths!

Just like any subject in school, our bodies and physical capabilities will see growth in correlation with how much knowledge we have. The more you know, the better you can be, right?

When I started getting into the gym and wanting to make a change with my body and health, there was a lot I didn't know. Turning to free resources like social media can be great but it can also be misinforming. I always warn to check a persons credentials before believing their information, ya know? Here's 5 things that I wish I was more informed about when I started going to the gym:

Doing Ab Circuits Every Day Won't Get You Abs

When I started working out, I was all-in on the idea that doing an ab circuit every single day was the key to a six pack and flat stomach. What I didn't realize how was much diet impacts the visibility of abs. We all have abs, I promise! The lower our body fat % is, the more they will show through. Ab exercises will help strengthen the muscle which is not synonymous with visibility. Also... your muscles need to relax! To prevent injury and to provide opportunity for restoration, your abs need to rest every once in a while. The abs and calves tend to recover quicker than other muscles so you don't need to take a whole two days break as you would with, let's say, leg day. BUT give them abs a rest here and there!

What You Eat, Matters A LOT...

When I started out in the gym, I had 0 concept of how my nutrition could affect my body. I thought all the basic (and WRONG I emphasize) things that most girls these days think: fruits and veggies are good, carbs are bad. News flash: fruits and veggies ARE carbs. If you're looking to build muscle, you need to be feeding your body the right amount of macronutrients (especially protein) consistently. Nutrition matters a lot!!

...But When You Eat Does Not

Let me preface this by specifying that the above statement is in regards to physique goals. I go over this in the episode but carbs turn to energy in the body. I would recommend fueling up with carbs before a workout so you feel strong and have energy but WHEN you eat does not have an affect on your PHYSIQUE as long as you get your food in by the end of the day/ I used to religiously drink a protein shake in my dusty dorm room after every single workout. I was convinced that I needed to have one within 30 minutes after or I wouldn't see any results. Total myth!

You Shouldn't Be Doing Glute/Leg Exercises Every Day, Even if You Want a Fat @$$

Similarly to my first point, your muscles need a dang break!! Working glutes every day is actually counterproductive because you're not giving your muscles the chance to restore and recover, therefore they're never going to be at 100% on your leg days. Focus on progressive overload, mindfully chosen exercises, and feeding your body.

Plan Your Workouts Out Ahead and Choose Exercises With Intention

I started seeing a difference in my physique and strength when I started keeping track of my workouts. I'm so much more productive when I go into the gym with a plan. It's also super important to plan your workout being mindful of what muscles in the muscle group you're actually targeting. Lunges and RDLs are both leg exercises but one targets quads and one targets hamstrings. Know what each exercise targets and make sure not to neglect any muscles in the group! Or... you can just bookmark my workouts!

By the way, in my intro I mentioned a great tool and resource where you can take action to help make a difference in problems such as lack of water in third world countries and other poverty-related crises:

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