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That time of the year is here! I kind of miss when Black Friday was one day, now I never know when things are starting/ending!

Anyway, here are the deals I'm running this year in honor of Black Friday:

DATES: FRIDAY 11/18 - SUNDAY 11/27

  • BUY ANY MERCH, GET ANY WORKOUT GUIDE FOR FREE - with every merch purchase, I will email you to select the workout guide you want and send it your way

  • 50% OFF FIRST MONTH OF PERSONAL TRAINING - when you get a one month package

  • 40% OFF 3 MONTH PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGES - when you purchase 3 months at a time

Merch can be found hyperlinked on this website's homepage or at

Personal Training Application can be found through the link in any of my biographies or on the homepage of this website.

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